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Armenia for me is a land of contrasts – in culture and in nature (Inka Robers, Germany) Summer 2005
Some general remarks

Two months of a stay, that is something in between of long and short. You have lots of time to see places and get closer to people, but in the back of your head there is an end. So you can take the positive and tell yourself about the bad, that it’ll be over in a short while.

Armenia, as I experienced it, is a land of contrasts in nature as well as in culture. Yerevan and the rest - I wanted to ask sometimes if this is part of the same country. Yerevan as the...


Отдых у подножия горы Арарат (Иван Воронцов (01/08/2002))
Отдых у подножия горы Арарат
Удивительно обнадеживающее и благоприятное состоян...


Культовая страна (август 2005)
Культовая страна
август 2005

Пять лет назад я знал что Армения это страна, где делают ко...


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