Forbes Magazine: Armenia Most Attractive for Investment in CIS
Forbes American magazine has published a new, third annual rating of most dangerous countries in the world. Russia appears among these for the first time.

The Forbes rating is based on data of iJet Intelligent Risk Systems US consulting company and Control Risks London firm, engaged in assessing risks at visiting various countries in the world by businessmen and tourists. Experts assessed the situation in each country according to a 5-point scale (the lower the figure, the more the security level) by analyzing the degree of threat of terrorism, crime level in that country, the overall political situation, security measures and effectiveness of power institutions. 14 countries were in the list of the most dangerous ones in 2006.

Nine out of these had the maximal scores. These are six states of the African continent – Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo and Liberia, as well as Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti. These countries are characterized with “despotic rule, low education level and low life value.” Belarus is named most “inhospitable” country for foreign investment in the CIS. Georgia was among moderate dangerous countries.

According to Forbes, Armenia is the best from the point of view of investment attraction. It is followed by Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan.